During my travels along the Dalmatian coast I became aware about the influence of the wind on body, mind and soul. In this area two winds dominate, the "Bura" and the "Yugo".
The "Yugo" pushes humid, heavy air from the south to the coast. 
It makes many people sink into lethargy and dulls the senses. 
When you look out to sea, it seems that the enormous 
towers of clouds merge with those of the Adriatic islands. 
Reality becomes blurred and strange creatures appear.
The dry and clear air of the "Bura" from the north-east with its orcan-like gusts of wind blows away the heavy air of the "Yugo" and brings back 
clarity and freshness for body and mind.
Alina, the daughter of my hosts on the island of Dugi Otok, danced for me the Vila Velebita, a mythological figure of the Slavs, on the beach of Mežan.

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